Our Motivation

Due to the high costs and limited available human resources, some companies are facing serious problems fulfilling their technical plans. Those problems are mostly related with adaptation of systems or products in order to fit in the rapidly changing business environment. Finding a solution could be even more challenging when the budget is limited.
We have a simple model, which solves this problems. We outsource the software development and perform only the IT consulting and project management local on customer's side. This helps us to easily find human resources, reduce the overall project cost and maintain stable customer relation. We strongly believe that uniting people globally is rather effective than separating them. In our daily business, we rely on high skilled multicultural teams spread in different locations.

Our principles for cost-effective quality software development

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    Understanding the customer needs

    Getting the right picture of the customer's technical environment and truly understanding the business processes behind is the starting point in almost every project. This part is of essential importance to the project success and is mostly done by our local experts.

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    Choosing the right technologies

    Any technical requirements can be implemented in a several ways. Our responsibility is to propose the most efficient technical design form the customer prospective. In general we are considering the overall development time and cost, expandability, scalability and operational costs.

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    Good project management

    Even a great plan can go wrong because of poor execution. Our local experts are responsible for managing the projects. They are constantly in direct contact with the customer and clearing the technical tasks for the development. We are working agile and adapt easy to changing requirements.

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    Distributed software development

    In order to reduce cost, and serve the current demand of software engineers, we rely partly on offshore development. This can be sometime challenging due to cultural differences, timezone offset and language barrier. We rely only on proven experts with high technical and social competence and we guarantee for their work.

We bring solid experience in different industries

  • Telecommunication

  • Transportation

  • Healthcare

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